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Director: Oren Peli.

Cast: Katie Featherson, Micah Sloat.

So, I avoided this movie until now, because frankly the marketing stuff looked lame to me. But I couldn’t help myself checking out what all the fuss was about. I’m glad I watched it though. Not that it’s as great as people saying it is, but it was good on it’s own right. Okay, now screw the people who said it was the scariest movie of all time. I remember only being scared once, the ending, when THAT suddenly happened. But that isn’t even the best part of Paranormal Activity. I think, the best thing about it is the creepiness we see throughout. I know what I’m saying doesn’t sound much heavy but this creepiness is really something to talk about. And those night video-scenes were great. The thing I was afraid of most before watching it was I thought I’d fall asleep. Good god, I didn’t. Yes, the pacing was slow but it never got boring. And I really liked that psychic bit, it was cool. So here are the good stuff.

Now, I don’t know about anybody else but I sure as hell ain’t taunting a demon when I know IT IS ACTUALLY A DEMON! Micah, dude, I understand you love your girlfriend so much that you won’t leave her even when all this creepy shit is happening, but, WHY FUCK WITH THE DEMON?!?

Paranormal Activity is, by definition, a good movie. I understand why so many people love it and hate it at the same time. I’m kinda in the middle, you see, I think it’s a pretty forgettable film but when I look at the budget, the actors, director and other technical stuff, this looks like a master-piece to me.

Next up, is ‘The Fourth Kind’!!!

Reviews Pending.

Kill Theory(2010)[ADH]

List of horror movies of 2010 I’ve seen.

If you ever notice grade change, it's because I changed my mind after second watch :)

Dread (A)
Triangle (A)
The Crazies (A)
The Final (A-)
Shutter Island (A-)

Blood Creek (B+)
ZMD (B+)
Kill Theory (B)
The Fourth Kind (B)
Legion (B-)
Daybreakers (B-)
The Lovely Bones (B-)
Case 39 (B-)
The Reeds (B-)

Nine Dead (C+)
Lake Mungo (C)
Bitch Slap (C-)

Zone Of The Dead (D+)
Circle Of Ei8ht (D)
Open Graves (D)
The Graves(D-)


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