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Okay, so it’s rare to find good(or any) werewolf movie these days. The last one was Underworld prequel. The Wolfman may not be a very original rare gem, but it ends up as a pretty entertaining film.

Director: Joe Johnston.

Cast: Benecio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt.

What’s It About

Benecio Del Toro‘s character has got daddy issues, so he’s been away for a very long time. When he learns that his brother’s been missing in a mysterious way from the words of his brother’s fiance, he returns home to find out what happened. It’s suffice to say that he becomes a werewolf(omg was that a spoiler!), now he’s on a quest to get rid of the beast inside him while finding out a lot about his past, the hard way!

The Pros

The acting is spot-on! It’s not a surprise though, Anthony Hopkins always nails his roles and Benecio Del Toro was as he always is. Emily did a good job with her role, as I never saw her before in a movie. And although I had issues with the “role” he played but Hugo Weaving actually did good(I freaking hate The Matrix!). Overall, really good acting.

I was afraid of the fact that from the trailer, it made it seem like the plot was very “on the surface”. But I was wrong, there is more to the story & maybe I did saw the twist(in the middle of the movie’s runtime) coming but not the way I expected it to be. Nice job there! Also I predicted a cliche, I thought the climax would be quite “Hulk-ish”(you’ll know when) but it wasn’t which was a  good thing.

Adrenaline. I love vampire or werewolf rampages, hence Underworld & 30 Days Of Night being my favorite sub-genre film. There’s plenty of rampages to be had here. The kills looked really good and I thought they wouldn’t go for brutal gore, but they did! Good stuff.

The cinematography is beautiful. The look of the film was awesome.

The Cons

This was distracting. The reason for Hugo Weaving‘s character for being there was never really explained. He’s a Scotland Yard agent, most probably hunting down Del Toro’s character suspecting that he’s a lunatic. That’s all we get but I was hoping that he would come off more important to the plot. He takes one for the team though!

The film, is not really something special. It is very entertaining mind you, but is also quite forgettable by the judgment of it’s budget.


Basically, anyone with a love for the “werewolf” genre should at least check this out. Grade:- A.

Here’s another horror film update of Marilyn Manson(& Evan Rachel Wood). But this is a new one. ‘Splatter Sisters” is advertised as a squashed genre film, sexploitation-slasher. Adam Lough wrote the screenplay of the film and David Gordon Green is set to direct. The director says: “This is a role Marilyn Manson was born to play and with Evan bringing dramatic gravity to the ensemble, I have no doubt this will take the horror genre to a new level.”

So, I like Marilyn Manson. And with his depth of weirdness, I believe he might just be a horror film gem in the rough. I don’t really like the idea of this film, but we’ll see.

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Kill Theory(2010)[ADH]

List of horror movies of 2010 I’ve seen.

If you ever notice grade change, it's because I changed my mind after second watch :)

Dread (A)
Triangle (A)
The Crazies (A)
The Final (A-)
Shutter Island (A-)

Blood Creek (B+)
ZMD (B+)
Kill Theory (B)
The Fourth Kind (B)
Legion (B-)
Daybreakers (B-)
The Lovely Bones (B-)
Case 39 (B-)
The Reeds (B-)

Nine Dead (C+)
Lake Mungo (C)
Bitch Slap (C-)

Zone Of The Dead (D+)
Circle Of Ei8ht (D)
Open Graves (D)
The Graves(D-)


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