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Director: Shane Acker.

Cast: Elijah Wood, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Connely, Crispin Glover.

Note: Tim Burton is somehow related to this flick.

Okay, first of all, this is an animation movie that I will say is not suitable for kids under 11 years. It got this creepy jump scenes and sick action and chase sequences which are really awesome. Although my six year old brother watched it with me without having any problem, but then again, he also watched The Dark Knight with me and had no problem. So, back to the review, I am NOT a big animation fan. People obsess over disney and Pixar, I like those movies but they are nothing special. But on the other hand, in my opinion, this was one fuck of a great movie. A new imagination, the way they created the new world was remarkble. I don’t know much about animation but this was treat for my eyes, I had this look on my face all the time. The story is something like, “People created machines, powerful machines took over the world and killed everyone one by one. Before dying, a scientist created this 9 sacks and gave them his soul so that human legacy lives on. So, when the best of those nine sacks, ‘9’ himself wakes up, he starts a series of events and chaos from which he have to save himself and the others, and the mystery of only way to stop this, lies where he woke up.” Out of those 9 sacks, I loved ‘7’ most. She is the ninja of the group, voiced by Jennifer Connely, she is the one who did most of the actions, and I freaking loved those scenes. I won’t spoil the movie here, but a lot of things happen and I especially loved the ending, it was SO CUTE, even for a post-acocalyptic movie. My ONLY complain would be, why use such a detailed actor like Crispin Glover for such a small voice role, any unknown people could’ve done his job. But it was like a good cameo though. Anyways, if you haven’t seen this horror/post-apocalyptic/animation film, then get your ass to the DVD store and at least rent it. This movie is great, in fact, my favorite animation movie of all time. And for this, I cannot wait for A.D, another zombie/animation film coming out soon. A SOLID A+.

Director: Scott Stewart.

Cast: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Lucas Black, Adrianne Palicki, Willa Holland, Kevin Durand.

So, despite the 1000 negative reviews all over the internet(including THC, the blog I REALLY love) I still had hopes for this one. Why? I love Dennis Quaid and I love Tyrese and add a bad-ass trailer and there, you got my attention. So, did it live up to my expectations? No, but it was pretty decent.

What’s It About

God is pissed off and he goes Nazi on mankind’s ass. One of his angels disobeys him and cuts off his wings to save humanity’s only hope and thus unleashing a fight for survival. ( I’m really sorry for this lousy synopsis).

The Cons

I’m doing THIS first because if you can get over the following things, you might just like it.

So, out of so many people in the whole world an unborn child is humanity’s only hope? That’s bullshit in my opinion.

God’s persona here is quite similar to Hitler’s. I mean, god goes crazy and a fallen angel is to prove him wrong? That is nuts, brazil nuts!

What was up with all those emotional conversations? Especially the ones between the pregnant girl and her boyfriend, the scenes dragged and it took forever to end. And where is all the action the trailer promised? I’m happy with all I got but still…

Why is it that every movie these days needs one idiot character that doesn’t try to understand the simplest logic and HAS to do something stupid and get killed. WTF?

The Pros

Paul Bettany. Hell yeah he’s awesome. The 3 action sequences with him were, without any doubt, the best thing of the whole movie. I can’t wait for PRIEST.

The movie is really funny and it took me by surprise. I may have a bad sense of humour but that’s me and I loved the comedy, especially Dennis Quaid’s lines. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s right. Yesterday I was fucking Santa Clause.” LOL.

Tyrese Gibson. Badass as always.

The angel’s wing thing was AMAZING. The fight between Michael and Gabriel was great in a whole different level because of Gabriel’s wings. =D

I am disappointed with the action but whatever….. it was still frigging COOL. And the sharp-teethed monsters were cool in a funny way.

Best Line

“Audrey, honey? Your mother was wondering if you got dressed this morning with the specific intention of showing your ass off to the entire world.”


Although a huge letdown because this was on my most anticipated list, I still sort of liked it. A not-so-solid B-.

Reviews Pending.

Kill Theory(2010)[ADH]

List of horror movies of 2010 I’ve seen.

If you ever notice grade change, it's because I changed my mind after second watch :)

Dread (A)
Triangle (A)
The Crazies (A)
The Final (A-)
Shutter Island (A-)

Blood Creek (B+)
ZMD (B+)
Kill Theory (B)
The Fourth Kind (B)
Legion (B-)
Daybreakers (B-)
The Lovely Bones (B-)
Case 39 (B-)
The Reeds (B-)

Nine Dead (C+)
Lake Mungo (C)
Bitch Slap (C-)

Zone Of The Dead (D+)
Circle Of Ei8ht (D)
Open Graves (D)
The Graves(D-)


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