So, I’ve been a little slow on the posting, I’m going through a busy time 😛 Anyways, this is a project of ‘Laid To Rest’ director Robert Hall. I really want to see Laid To Rest, 2 of my most liked horror blogs have given it a genuinely attracting review. I’ll watch it any day of the week now. Here’s his latest project and the following paragraph is totally from the original post from BloodyDisgusting:

Director Robert Hall (Lightning Bug, Laid to Rest, “Fear Clinic”) is gearing up for his latest horror endeavor that takes a new spin on the great 80’s metal myth. Old Scratch follows Neven, a washed up musician living his his own faded shadow in Atlanta. One night, after another sparsely attended gig one his his former bandmates Terry shows up and playes one of their own demo records backwards with fatal consequences. Now He must return to his roots and revisit a past he had hoped would stay forever buried. He has to find all six cursed demo records and decipher the eerie hidden messages before more blood is shed. We got our mitts on the official teaser that features Thomas Dekker (Laid to Rest, All About Evil, A Nightmare on Elm Street), Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser, and Kevin Gage (Chaos, Laid to Rest). What do you guys think?

Yeah so this idea is supposed to attract me! Check out the teaser trailer(which, by the way, I LOVED):

Share what you think.

By the way, Lamb Of God rules!!!(totally random).Randy Blythe is the shit!