I just stumbled across this article at Bloody-Disgusting and it’s titled:

‘Ninety’ Kills in 90 Mother F*cking Minutes?! Horror Bliss Anyone?

So obviously this caught my attention. I mean besides everything else I love slaughter and bloodbath! So what’s not to love about this? So here I will just write a few parts completely from the original post.

Entitled Ninety, the story by Scott Milam follows a serial killer who sets out to kill a total of 90 people in 90 minutes. The goal? Bloody revenge! “Ninety is a tense, fun, crazy ride where you just sit back and enjoy the carnage,” Bousman tells BD, “And there’s a shit ton of carnage.

Bousman is famous for directing Saw II-IV, which I never got around watching(but I will, soon). He also directed the cult goth-rock/horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera(a pretty good film). Right now he is busy with ‘Mother’s Day’ remake, another Bousman and Milam collaboration.

Shooting is scheduled for this summer in New Mexico.