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What I have is nothing much. A few posters, a trailer and some random news  and twitter updates from the lead actress.

The film is directed by Jennifer Lynch, who helmed the 2008’s thriller ‘Surveillance’ which got pretty good reviews from majority people. I have yet to watch it though. She wrote ‘Hisss’ as well.

The film stars the Indian hot actress Mallika Sherawat, who unlike other Indian actresses is less shy when it comes to exposing herself. The myth this movie is based on requires a certain type of actress and I think they nailed it with this casting. It couldn’t have been better.

It also stars Irrfan Khan(Slumdog Millionaire), Jeff Doucette and actress Divya Dutta.

“That looks appropriate!”

Here is the plot on it’s nutshell:

Based on the Far Eastern myth of the snake woman who is able to take on human form.

There were some buzz about the director wanting the actress to show some skin and the actress ignoring that strongly(Indians are pain in the ass when it comes to that!). So nothing was certain but a tweet of her’s suggest she might just be over all that.

Here’s what she said:

Ssshowin more than that lol RT @MadhurjyaS: @MallikaLA R u showin ur butt in ur new film HISSss…..

That’s promising! And looks like she already developed the habit of hissing like a snake. Jesus! what’s with the “SSSSsss”?

Here’s another tweet:

ok i admit it, am a lil bit Ssscared lol @Chandu4M Photoshoot with Live snake?


Bloody-Disgusting posted a behind the scenes video and an interview with the director. You can see it directly by clicking here.

Now if you think it through, this film have the potential to be a cult classic. It’s got all the stuff needed, a great myth, good premise, good director and good actors. I can hardly see it go wrong. The trailer:

Official Website:

By the way, the images and videos, overall this post looks weird. But I wanted it to be this way. Share what you think about the article. Are you excited at all about this film? Does the curiosity peaks the least bit after reading the article?


Reviews Pending.

Kill Theory(2010)[ADH]

List of horror movies of 2010 I’ve seen.

If you ever notice grade change, it's because I changed my mind after second watch :)

Dread (A)
Triangle (A)
The Crazies (A)
The Final (A-)
Shutter Island (A-)

Blood Creek (B+)
ZMD (B+)
Kill Theory (B)
The Fourth Kind (B)
Legion (B-)
Daybreakers (B-)
The Lovely Bones (B-)
Case 39 (B-)
The Reeds (B-)

Nine Dead (C+)
Lake Mungo (C)
Bitch Slap (C-)

Zone Of The Dead (D+)
Circle Of Ei8ht (D)
Open Graves (D)
The Graves(D-)


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