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Okay here’s the truth, I’m one of the very few people who is actually excited about ‘Jonah Hex’. The reasons would be Josh Brolin’s kick ass(it’s becoming a trend!) [western] performance in No Country For Old Man(not much liked by me). And although Im not big on Crank franchise, I like Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor(writers) because of Pathology and Gamer. And hell, the genre’s are: Action | Horror | Western, two of them my favorites and I always like some Western.

Plot: The U.S. military makes a scarred bounty hunter with warrants on his own head an offer he cannot refuse: in exchange for his freedom, he must stop a terrorist who is ready to unleash Hell on Earth.

And I swear to god I’m not excited about Megan Fox being in it!!

Bloody-disgusting gives us a closer look at Jonah’s face and what do ya think?:

Director: Nick Cohen.
Cast: Anna Brewster(the only one I cared for).

Synopsis: A weekend boating party turns into a nightmare for a group of young Londoners when they stumble upon a terrifying secret hidden in the reeds.

The Good

Reeds, as the name suggests. The boat going though the reeds, wind shaking them gave a creepy atmosphere to the film. It was all….motivating(if that helps).

The only actor I liked, Anna Brewster was good in this. Not that she was really good. Just average, same as the other actors. But her hot british accent makes her a winner.

The mystery we see getting build up was really good,thanks to the director. It’s like when stuff is going, you engage to it. The mystery kept building and left me craving for the “big reveal”.

The Bad

You remember the mystery I was talking about? Well it was all ruined by, you know, our big reveal. Left me pissed off. I mean how the fuck do you ruin a decent effort right there?

The movie was a mess, we see scattered incidents that I hoped will be sued together by the end. It was a disappointment, it was a mess and the plot was all over the place. And at times, really predictable.

I cannot but compare it to ‘Triangle'(which btw was great). They do cross same path and the stuff in ‘The Reeds’ were just stupid.


I would suggest you to skip the film. It will only leave a bitter taste. I can say that the director could’ve done a better job with some more money and a better script but this just didn’t work out well. This is a 3.5/10 for me.

Reviews Pending.

Kill Theory(2010)[ADH]

List of horror movies of 2010 I’ve seen.

If you ever notice grade change, it's because I changed my mind after second watch :)

Dread (A)
Triangle (A)
The Crazies (A)
The Final (A-)
Shutter Island (A-)

Blood Creek (B+)
ZMD (B+)
Kill Theory (B)
The Fourth Kind (B)
Legion (B-)
Daybreakers (B-)
The Lovely Bones (B-)
Case 39 (B-)
The Reeds (B-)

Nine Dead (C+)
Lake Mungo (C)
Bitch Slap (C-)

Zone Of The Dead (D+)
Circle Of Ei8ht (D)
Open Graves (D)
The Graves(D-)


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