Director: Anthony DiBlasi.
Cast: Jackson Rathebone, Shaun Evans, Hanne Steen, Laura Donnelly.

What’s It About

The outcast cinema student, Stephen Grace, does not drive cars due to the trauma of losing his brother in a car accident. He befriends, Quaid, who since the age of 6 has experienced dreadful nightmares and daydreams about the death of his parents. Quaid proposes they research about  innermost fears, as a school project(yep, the movie is not a shallow one, it goes beyond all that). Cheryl, a friend of Steve joins the team. Now, one of them flips out and decides to “take their study to the next level”. It’s safe to say things end up really bad, like…REALLY BAD.

The Pros

The acting and directing. Let’s start with acting. All the actors here is young, and less-experienced if you will. But they, specially Jackson Rathebone and Hanne Steen does a spectacular job to make the situations look real. Shaun Evans panders a bit but it’s nothing that spoils anything. And as for the directing, DiBlasi creates the atmosphere before he reveals the whole thing. It’s not one of those fast-paced horror movies. At first you will see random incidents, the pace is quite slow but never boring. Once the premise is set, the director proves the point of the film, with a wtf! ending(which was amazing btw and I never saw it coming). The director did a great job doing what he did.

There are two scenes, that made me cringe. That literal bloodbath scene(holy sweet jesus) was hard to look at. There was a lot of effort in the scene but the winner is the ‘beef-eating’ scene. You will know when you see it. It will literally make you wanna puke. Highly disturbing and a great job done by the actor who portrays the situation.

The ending. You know I was expecting a whole other situation, mind you it wasn’t any twist. But the situation just got fucked up and I was like…HUH?! The narration during the very last(by Shaun Evans) was great, which itself will give you the point this film(or the Clive Barker short story) was trying to make. I was staring as the credits rolled.

The Cons

To be honest I don’t have any. So what I’m putting here is not about the movie, it’s about the audience. I heard people saying it is a “load of crap”, which tries to go deep. I know it’s all opinion but he deserves a punch(or at least a “fuck you”). Because I understand if you say you didn’t like it but it will piss me off when you certainly have know clue of the stuff that’s going on. It’s as stupid as saying, ‘The Dark Knight’ was not good because it was really “dark”. Wtf is that about?!?

Gore & Nudity

Situational gore, highly disturbing, cringe-worthy. Decent nudity. It’s also mostly situational. But god I wanted see more of those Zoe Stollery boobs!


This is the best addition to this year’s After Dark Horrorfest(the rest of the reviews will be posted in a while), Clive Barker is the man when it comes to horror. A definitely must-see if you understand what ‘horror’ is. It was an A for me.