“3rd film I saw of this year’s After Dark Horrorfest and I frigging loved this one. It’s been a while since I saw a of ‘torture porn’ which has got so many quality stuff in it.”


Cast: Mark Donato, Julin, Lindsay Seidel, Justin Arnold.

What’s It About

The movie on it’s surface is, popular high school douchebags and hot bitches has it coming. They bully the geeks, break their stuff and tell them how hot they are NOT, since they were kids. The outcasts have had enough. They plan to throw a party in a house away from mainland, trick and sedate them, chain them all together AND then torture most of them ONE BY ONE. The others obviously have to witness the torture just the way they witnessed them(outcasts) getting bullied. So, anyways, the plan was tight but you know how it is, occurence THIS huge does not always go as planned. And there is always an idiot in the bunch who just has to fuck it up.

The Pros

It’s great to see all this “horror-components” done right. The development of the film was superb, they didn’t rush into it, fed me just the amount I needed and then pulled it off. The execution comes then, and the acting was beyond nuts. Such an immature cast but all of them did great, yes there were flaws in their acting but when I needed to see their best, there it was.

Another good thing about the movie is, although it is a torture porn it focuses more on the drama-side and actually pulls it off good. The violence(not gore) was quite graphic but that is not what it’s all about.

The movie is not perfect, but when I see what they did with whatever less they had to work with, it just makes me happy. Budget? Low. Actors? Unknown. Movie? Amazing!

The Cons

The cheerleader-type hot-chicks overacted in the first few scenes(it got better when the torture started).


I never expected this flick to amaze me as much as I am amazed now. A good, if not great movie that I will admit, is not for everyone. Give it a chance, you might have a 1hr 30 minutes of good time waiting for you. I’ll go with 8/10 (A).