I know y’ll are thinking that this is the right moment to go Nazi or Jackie Chan on my ass ’cause I actually watched this film. Anyways, here goes the review and I’ll keep it short.

Think of an orgy between Sin City, Smokin’ Aces, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill and then 9 months later Bitch Slap is the ‘head-banged up’ child born. But the movies I mentioned are all great but this is nowhere close to them. It is visually a broke dude’s Sin City. It is something nobody will remember(except the lesbian scene, I still remember it). This is a cheap exploitation flick so I didn’t expect much. I ignored the cheesy visuals and horrible acting of Americo Olivio and I sat through it without any problems until the first cat fight ended(1 hr 15 minutes). But then it was followed by another repeatative cat fight which was unbearable, think about it once, how boring can it get that a cat fight seems unbearable. The obvious twist which revealed to us that one of the chick was a ‘non-human’, yeah how cool(or shitty) is that?  And then comes what ruined my day, a shitload of awful, painful visuals that made me scream twice at the screen.

The movie has ridiculous amount of boob-shots that will distract you away from the movie, and I’m pretty sure that’s EXACTLY what the director intended to do.
And I should mention this, the 2 other girls(especially Julia Voth) did some good acting. I clearly did not expect it from them.

Now, this movie has the potential of becoming one’s guilty pleasure but if somebody actually ‘likes’ it, I think s/he has issues. I’ll give it a 38%(D).

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